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[ 2016-009 ]
Boundedness of Singular Integrals with Flag Kernels on Weighted Flag Hardy Spaces
Yongsheng Han & Chin-Cheng Lin
[ 2016-008 ]
Shock Wave Structure in Polyatomic Gases: Numerical Analysis Using a Model Boltzmann Equation
Kazuo Aoki
[ 2016-007 ]
A Kinetic Model of Adsorption on Solid Surfaces
Kazuo Aoki
[ 2016-006 ]
Global Dynamics of Three Species Omnivory Models with Lotka-Volterra Interaction
Ting-Hui Yang
[ 2016-005 ]
Dynamics of the Predator-Prey Models on the Two-Patch Fragmented Habitat with Dispersal
Ting-Hui Yang
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