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Nonlinear Phenomena in Evolutionary Partial Differential Equations
15:30 - 17:30, March 24, 2020 (Tuesday)
R440, Astronomy-Mathematics Building, NTU
(台灣大學天文數學館 440室)
The Unconditional Frequency Synchronization of Kuramoto Oscillators with Time-delayed Interactions
Kuan-Jhan Lin (National Taiwan University)


The Kuramoto model has been studied to investigate the synchronization behavior of coupled oscillators. The classical Kuramoto model assumes that the interactions between oscillators are simultaneous. However, in the real-world systems, the interactions such as chemical reactions, signal transmissions, etc usually take a small time to react. Hence the consideration of time-delay effect is natural and inevitable in the large coupled systems. In this talk, we shall consider the Kuramoto model with time-delayed interaction. We will present a theoretical result for unconditional frequency synchronization when the number of oscillators is 3.


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