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NCTS Distinguished Scholar Richard Schoen Awarded the 2017 Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Richard Schoen, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University and the Excellence in Teaching Chair at University of California, Irvine, has just won the 2017 Wolf Prize in Mathematics. He received the great news from the Wolf Foundation while he was participating in a NCTS workshop in Taipei; we immediately organized a celebration for his great success and extend our deep gratitude for his inspiration to NCTS. Prof. Schoen is honored for his contributions to geometric analysis, particularly the understanding of the interconnectedness of partial differential equations and differential geometry.

The Wolf Prize is awarded by the Wolf Foundation to encourage the outstanding scientists and artists for their remarkable achievements “in the interest of mankind.” The Wolf Prize in Mathematics is considered one of the world’s most prestigious awards; the honor is often referred to as the equivalent of the Nobel Prize.

We are honored to have Prof. Schoen as our 2016 NCTS Distinguished Scholar and the organizer of 2016 NCTS Workshop on Geometric Analysis. During his long visit, he has joined our mission to provide a stimulating environment for mathematics innovation by enhancing our thematic programs. He has been one of our international advisory committee members and helped expand our research horizons by supporting us to develop a wide range of research partnerships in Taiwan and abroad.

NCTS is aimed at drawing people around the world together and expand mathematical research in real world. NCTS is aimed at promoting interdisciplinary research and becoming a cornerstone of young researchers’ academic career. We are grateful to have so many world leading experts like Prof. Schoen to forge our local and global academic collaborations. 


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