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  [ Postdoc Fellows ] - Albert Wood (NCTS Affiliate)
Albert Wood
Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis
June 6, 2022 - April 22, 2023
02-33661864, Room 407, Cosmology Building, NTU

Albert Wood is a postdoctoral fellow at NTU, affiliated with the National Center for Theoretical Sciences (NCTS). His mentor is Professor Chung-Jun Tsai.

Before moving to Taiwan, he was a doctoral candidate at University College London as part of the London School of Geometry and Number Theory (LSGNT), under the supervision of Felix Schulze. He received his PhD award in 2020, for his dissertation entitled ‘Singularities of Lagrangian Mean Curvature Flow’.

His key research interests are geometric flows, calibrated submanifolds, and group actions, especially in the context of Kähler and Calabi-Yau geometry. His recent work has focused on singularity analysis and classification of self-similar solutions for Lagrangian mean curvature flow

For more information,please refer to his personal website:http://www.albert-maths.co.uk/

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