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How to Apply
No. Title - Download
1 國外訪問學者申請
2 演講申請書
Application Form for Seminar
3 舉辦學術會議補助原則 & 會議計畫申請書
Financial Support for Organizing Conference / Workshop
4 赴國外訪問及參加國際會議作業要點 & 國外差旅費申請表
Financial Support for Travel Expenses to International Destinations
5 中心科學家聘任辦法
Center Scientists & Center-Affiliated Scientists
6 NCTS Distinguished Scholar暨NCTS Scholar設置辦法
NCTS Scholars
7 國家理論科學研究中心Research Pair設置辦法
NCTS Research in Pairs Program
8 年輕理論學者遴選作業要點
Guidelines for Young Theoretical Scientist Award
9 學生專任研究助理聘用辦法
Recruitment of Research Assistants
10 開設專題課程辦法 & 舉辦課程計畫申請書
Guidelines for Organizing NCTS Courses
11 延聘國內學者訪問辦法
Financial Support for Domestic Visiting Scholars
12 國內外來訪學生徵求及補助辦法
Recruitment and Financial Support for Domestic and Foreign Visiting Students
13 國內訪問學者申請書
14 資料科學人才培育計畫申請書
15 暑期課程補助須知
 (C) 2017 National Center for Theoretical Sciences