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NCTS Seminar on Number Theory
13:30 - 14:30, March 14, 2018 (Wednesday)
Lecture Room B, 4th Floor, The 3rd General Building, NTHU
(清華大學綜合三館 4樓B演講室)
Fundamental Gerbes and their Representations
Lei Zhang (Freie Universität Berlin)


In this talk I will first recall the definition of the étale fundamental group, then I will introduce the notion of Nori's fundamental group and explain its representations using the technics of Tannakian categories. Next I will introduce a beautiful geometric interpretation of Tannakian categories, namely the affine gerbes. Finally, I will introduce the notion of Nori gerbes due to N. Borne and A. Vistoli, and present a beautiful Tannakian interpretation of these Nori gerbes due to F. Tonini and me.


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