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NCTS Algebraic Geometry Seminar
13:10 - 14:00, May 22, 2017 (Monday)
Room 3177, Department of Mathematics, NCKU
(成功大學數學系 3177室)
Formality Theorem for G-Manifolds
Hsuan-Yi Liao (Pennsylvania State University)


To a g-manifold, a smooth manifold with a Lie algebra action, one can associate two dglas which play roles similar to the spaces of polyvector fields and polydifferential operators. We establish the formality theorem for g-manifolds, i.e., an L∞ quasi-isomorphism from the dgla analogous to polyvector fields to the dgla analogous to polydifferential operators. As an application, we obtain a Kontsevich–Duflo type theorem for g-manifolds. The parallel theorems for other cases will also be mentioned briefly. 


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