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International Conference on Nonlinear Analysis and its Applications

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March 23 - 24, 2018

, Tamkang University

Invited Speakers:
Chiun-Chuan Chen (National Taiwan University)
Yan-Yu Chen (Tamkang University)
Jann-Long Chern (National Central University)
Yihong Du (University of New England)
Francois Hamel (Aix-Marseille University)
Sze-Bi Hsu (National Tsing Hua University)
Bo-Cluh Huang (National Chung Cheng University)
Tetsuya Ishiwata (Shibaura Institute of Technology)
Masayasu Mimura (Musashino University& MIMS, Meiji University)
Yoshihisa Morita (Ryukoku University)
Ken-Ichi Nakamura (Kanazawa University)
Wei-Ming Ni (University of Minnesota)
Hirokazu Ninomiya (Meiji University)
Masahiko Shimojo (Okayama University)
Philippe Souplet (Université Paris 13)
Jenn-Nan Wang (National Taiwan University)
Chang-Hong Wu (National University of Tainan)

Jong-Shenq Guo (Tamkang University)
Francois Hamel (Aix-Marseille University)
Wei-Ming Ni (University of Minnesota)
Eiji Yanagida (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Aim and Scope
This conference is to bring together international leading experts on nonlinear analysis and its applications in biology, physics, chemistry and engineering to exchange ideas, develop collaborations and introduce new methods to the audience. Topics to be included are (but not limited) mathematical biology, pattern formations, wave phenomena, analysis of singularities and other related subjects. 


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Contact: Peggy Lee,peggylee@ncts.ntu.edu.tw, 02-3366-8815

Poster: events_1_1691711050602181270.jpg

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