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Taiwan Mathematics School: An Introduction to Geometric Measure Theory
Every Monday and Friday 15:30 - 17:20, March 5 - May 11, 2018
Room 440, Astronomy-Mathematics Building, NTU

Leon Simon (Stanford University)

Yng-Ing Lee (National Taiwan University)
Mao-Pei Tsui (National Taiwan University)

Course prerequisite:
The course is designed to be accessible to beginning graduate students and advanced undergraduates. Students are assumed to have had an introduction to mathematical analysis including measure theory and the Lebesgue integral. A firrst course in PDE (including familiarity with basic properties of harmonic functions) and differential geometry would also be useful, but most of the text does not assume prior PDE and differential geometry knowledge.
Professor Leon Simon will be the instructor of this course.
The course will cover the bulk of the rest 6 chapters, plus selected material from Chapters 7, 8, of the text “Introduction to Geometric Measure Theory" by Leon Simon. A pdf version of this text will be available for students to download before the first lecture.

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