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04 - 28
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The 12th (AIMS) American Institute of Mathematical Sciences 2018

NCTS will be organizing the next AIMS (American Institute of Mathematical Sciences) conference in 2018, which will be the first time to happen in Asia. AIMS is a biannual international conference for mathematician working on dynamical systems, differential equations, and real-world applications. The conference covers a broad range of subjects with more than 120 well-organized symposiums, where all the participants are exposed to numerous enlightening talks, plus the conference proceedings are published volumes in journals for a wide readership. The conference has been financially supported by the National Science Foundation, USA.

Our 12th AIMS will include 10-20 plenary lectures (50-minute), 100-150 special sessions (30-minute talk/discussion), 40-50 contributed sessions (20-minute talk/discussion), poster sessions, and student paper competition.

NCTS will present a complete detailed solution for the realization of AIMS 2018 with the cooperation of professional conference organizers. Our plenary speakers are: John Ball (UK), Gang Bao (China), Annalisa Buffa (Switzerland), Vincent Calvez (France), Chiun-Chuan Chen (Taiwan), Jean-Michel Coron (France), Anna Gilbert (USA), Yiming Long (China), Hirokazu Ninomiya (Japan), Natasa Pavlovic(USA), Shige Peng (China), Yitang Zhang (USA); they are all worlds’ eminent mathematicians with great contribution to dynamical systems and differential equations related topics.

AIMS conferences were usually attended by 1200-1500 scholars and students from 5 continents, which proves a necessary and grand event for people in the fields. With the effective transportation systems, international participants get to travel around Taiwan’s natural and cultural attractions, which will be a wonderful summer full of fresh inspiration and energy for research projects. 

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Taipei, Taiwan


Orlando, USA


Madrid, Spain   


Orlando, USA


Dresden, Germany


Arlington, USA


Poitiers, France


Pomona, USA


Wilmington, USA


Kennesaw, USA


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