2023 NCTS Higher Dimensional Algebraic Geometry Minicourses and Workshop
March 13 - 24, 2023
Room 515, Cosmology Building, NTU
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Aim & Scope

Algebraic geometry has been an active and central discipline in mathematics. During the past 2 decades, there are several fundamental breakthroughs in algebraic geometry. Meanwhile, there are many more newly developed techniques and viewpoints such as enumerative geometry, derived geometry, and tropical geometry that fascinated the stage even more.

Starting from 2004, NCTS inaugurated the series of workshops “Higher Dimensional Algebraic Geometry” which takes place roughly every three years. The purpose of this workshop series is not only to bring the world leading algebraic geometers to Taiwan to present their works but also to promote local algebraic geometers to the international stage. It has gained considerable international reputation thanks to the consistent support of NCTS.

The “2023 NCTS HDAG” is a continuation of the series. This event was originally proposed and approved for the year 2021, but then postponed until 2023 due to the Covid-19.



Week 1: 3/13-3/17, 2023

We will have 3 invited lecturers to give mini-courses of 4 lectures each. The total is 12 lectures. The topics of the mini-courses focus on derived geometry and Hodge theory.

Wine and cheese reception on Mon evening.

Excursion on Wed afternoon.


Week 2: 3/20-3/24, 2023

We will have about 20-22 invited speakers.

Excursion on Wed afternoon.

Banquet on Thu evening.


Registration:Please kindly do the registration by Jan. 2,2023 with the following link.

shorturl.at/bstv1  (able to access google)

shorturl.at/wEMZ9 (NOT able to access google)