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About Taiwan Mathematics School 
Taiwan Mathematics School was established by NCTS in 2017. It is a co-teaching platform designed by four organizers: Tsung-Ming Huang from NTNU, Wen-Wei Lin from NCTU, Yu-Chen Shu form NCKU, and Weichung Wang from NTU. This school is meant to cultivate talent, lead the new Taiwanese generation towards the world stage and strengthen the Taiwan Mathematics community. Taiwan Mathematics School is a joint co-teaching school that covers all aspects of learning that instills knowledge, skills in students, and to broaden their horizons. The concept of Taiwan Mathematics School originates in its Berlin predecessor, the latter gathered teachers from all over the world and partner in teams to demonstrate their specialties to students. Their cooperation is likely to inspire each other and come up with many different teaching approaches that would benefit students most.
Besides better education through co-teaching, Taiwan Mathematics School also seeks to promote the goal of "3 I", which is “Inter-discipline”, “Internationalization”, and “Industry”. We plan to develop a mutually beneficial cooperative relation and a coordinated system which links companies and different universities together and transmits feedback between different parties. Our teaching team wishes to instill the “3 I” core value into the upcoming or still-planning courses. With so many great opportunities offered by the rich and diverse mathematics teaching and research environment, we hope we can better prepare our students in future professional achievements and career developments.
Course Plan
2017 Fall ~ 2018 Spring
Introduction to Graph Laplacian and Computational Geometry
Scientific Computing and Machine Learning on Multi- and Manycore Architectures
High-Performance Numerical Solvers
Derived Category in Algebraic Geometry
2018 Spring ~ 2018 Fall
Lectures on Lagrangian Floer Theory  
Reaction-Diffusion and Mathematical Sciences
Fluid, water wave and phase transition problems
Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Infectious Diseases
Introduction to Parallel Computing (II)
2018 Fall ~ 2019 Spring
Kinetic Equations and Related Topics
Introduction to Automorphic Representations on GL(2)
2019 Spring ~ 2019 Fall
Boltzmann Equations




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