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03 - 19
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Congratulations to Prof. Hsueh-Yung Lin and Prof. Fu-Tsun Wei received the 2023 Outstanding Research Award of the NCST. Prof. Tai-Chia Lin appointed research fellow award
The National Center of Theoretical Sciences Mathematics Division (NCTS) is pleased to share the news that Prof. Hsueh-Yung Lin of National Taiwan University and Prof. Fu-Tsun Wei of National Tsing-Hua University are recipients of the 2023 Outstanding Research Award of the National Council of Science and Technology for their works on bi-rational geometry and arithmetic of function fields respectively. Prof. Lin is currently an NCTS Center Scientist, and Prof. Wei, who received the NCTS Young Theoretical Scientist Award and also held the appointment of an NCTS Center Scientist, is the chair of the Program Committee for the NCTS Scientific Program Number Theory and Representation theory. Both of them are active members of NCTS, planning and organizations of scientific activities at the NCTS.

In addition, NCTS also congratulates to Prof. Tai-Chia Lin of National Taiwan University on his NSTC outstanding specially appointed research fellow award. Prof. Lin has made influential contributions to Schrodinger systems arising from investigations of Bose-Einstein condensates and ion channel models. He is a leading figure in Taiwan in the area of applied mathematics and is also the current chair of the program committee for Interdisciplinary Studies in NCTS.

NCTS wishes to take this opportunity to congratulate all of these NCTS members again on their outstanding achievements.

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