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Since its foundation in 1997, NCTS has invested in the advancement and communication of mathematical sciences in Taiwan and beyond throughout the 2 decades. Every NCTS member is still expanding their efforts for cutting-edge research and the training of young scientists. Our mission has always been making differences to the promotion of mathematics on a global scale. Our members have brought over 300 outstanding researchers around the world together, and organized over 40 international conferences/workshops, 30 courses/lectures, 200 seminars every year. We have also supported international postdoctoral fellows and research assistants to pursue global opportunities for research training.

New programs, initiatives, and educational activities are being explored in response to the growth of mathematics and technology. We are seeking the support from friends who share our vision and mission. Your gift at any level will make a difference to the progress of mathematics, and open doors for mathematicians around the world to bright future in fundamental sciences. Your generosity will improve our facilities, and enrich our programs for training young researchers. Your contribution will help the innovation of mathematical theories and the solution of practical challenges in reality, Taiwan, and the world. Friends of NCTS, we are truly grateful!

Donations to the NCTS are made through the National Taiwan University. Depending on your tax residence, donations are made by filling out and sending the following donation forms to giving@ncts.ntu.edu.tw.

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