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  [ Postdoc Fellows ] - Jun-Wen Peng 彭 俊文
Jun-Wen Peng
Number Theory and Representation Theory
May 17, 2021 -
02-33661863, Room 409, Cosmology Building, NTU


Jun-Wen, Wayne, Peng is a postdoctoral fellow at the National Center for Theoretical Sciences (NCTS).

His mentor is Professor Hsia Liang-Chung at the National Taiwan Normal University.


In 2020, I received my PhD degree from the University of Rochester under the supervision of Professor Thomas Tucker.


My research focus is on dynamical systems broadly. More specifically, I am interested in arithmetic, and algebraic properties of dynamical systems. Recently, I have been focusing on the problem of the arboreal representations. A long term goal of my recent research is to understand the distribution of cardinality of the image points $f^n(mathbb{F}_p)$ for a fixed $n$ over primes $p$. I also started to do some other projects on artificial intelligence for mathematical education. The long shot is to use artificial intelligence to analyze high school math questions, and the analysis will be used to flatten the learning curve.


My personal website is still under construction, but you can find some outdated data here(https://sites.google.com/view/waynepeng/home).


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