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  [ Postdoc Fellows ] - Simon-Raphaël Fischer
Simon-Raphaël Fischer
Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis
October 1, 2021 -
02-33661864, Room 407, Cosmology Building, NTU


Simon-Raphael Fischer is a postdoctoral fellow at the National Center for Theoretical Sciences (NCTS). His mentor is Professor Siye Wu.
Before joining the NCTS, he was a doctoral candidate (Ph.D. student) at a cotutelle programme; this is a dual PhD programme at two universities, in this case at the University of Geneva in Switzerland and the Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University in France. His supervisors were Professor Anton Alekseev (Geneva) and Professor Thomas Strobl (Lyon). He successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis in May 2021.
His general research interests are about differential geometry and theoretical and mathematical physics, especially about bridging the gap between mathematics and physics. Currently he studies curved Yang-Mills-Higgs gauge theories, a generalized gauge theory developed by Alexei Kotov and Thomas Strobl. In his Ph.D. thesis he generalized certain aspects of this theory and found statements about whether or not this theory may introduce new physical phenomena.
In case of any queries please contact him via his email sfischer[AT]ncts.tw :)

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