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Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis

Program Committee:

Chung-Jun Tsai (NTU, committee chair), Hung-Lin Chiu(NTHU), Nan-Kuo Ho (NTHU), Chih-Wei Chen (NSYSU)


Description of program:

As one of the traditional mainstream directions in modern mathematics, differential geometry connects with many aspects of mathematics and theoretical physics. The wide array of techniques used in differential geometry includes areas such as ordinary and partial differential equations, complex and harmonic analysis, operator theory, differential and algebraic topology, algebraic geometry, Lie theory, ergodic theory, non-linear analysis and dynamical systems, etc. The Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis group at the NCTS has broad interests that include areas like general relativity, geometric evolution equations, symplectic geometry and topology, discrete differential geometry and manifold learning theory.


Affiliated members:

General relativity, minimal submanifolds:
Yng-Ing Lee (NTU), Mao-Pei Tsui (NTU), Chung-Jun Tsai (NTU), Ye-Kai Wang (NYCU), Kuo-Wei Lee (NCUE)


Geometric flows:
Yng-Ing Lee (NTU), Mao-Pei Tsui (NTU), Chung-Jun Tsai (NTU), Siao-Hao Guo (NTU), Chun-Chi Lin (NTNU), Dong-Ho Tsai (NTHU),
Hsiao-Fan Liu (TKU), Jui-En Chang (CCU), Chih-Wei Chen (NSYSU


Geometric measure theory, geometric variational problems:
Ulrich Menne (NTNU), Chun-Chi Lin (NTNU)


Cauchy-Riemann geometry, spectral geometry:
Shu-Cheng Chang (NTU), Jih-Hsin Cheng (AS), Chin-Yu Hsiao (AS), Hung-Lin Chiu (NTHU), Rung-Tzung Huang (NCU),
Sin-hua Lai (NCUT), Yen-Chang Huang (NUTN) , Chin-Tung Wu (NPTU), Ting-Jung Kuo (NTNU)


Gauge theory, moduli space problems, mathematical physics, knot theory:
Chung-Jun Tsai (NTU), Nan-Kuo Ho (NTHU), Siye Wu (NTHU), Chih-Chung Liu (NCKU), Ryosuke Takahashi (NCKU),
Eugene Zhu Xia (NCKU), Yi-Sheng Wang (NSYSU)


Symplectic and contact geometry:
Chung-Jun Tsai (NTU), Nan-Kuo Ho (NTHU), Hsuan-Yi Liao (NTHU), Siye Wu (NTHU), River Chiang (NCKU), Chung-I Ho (NKNU) 


Geometric PDEs (metric structures):
Shu-Cheng Chang (NTU), Ting-Jung Kuo (NTNU), Chiung-Jue Anna Sung (NTHU), Chin-Tung Wu (NPTU)


Discrete differential geometry and manifold learning:
Mao-Pei Tsui (NTU),  Mei-Heng Yueh (NTNU), Chih-Wei Chen (NSYSU) 


Postdoctoral fellows:
Sheng-Fu Chiu (NTHU), Simon-Raphaël Fischer (NCTS), Brian Harvie (NCTS), Wei-Bo Su (NCTS), Kuang-Ru Wu (NTHU),
Ser-Wei Fu (NTU), Sean McCurdy (NTNU), Nicolau Sarquis Aiex (NTNU), Yang-Kai Lue (NYCU)


Graduate students:
吳逸安 (PHD, NTU), 高尉庭 (PHD, NTU), 陳世勇(PHD, NTNU), 周鑫壯 (PHD, NTNU), 崔庭瑋 (PHD, NTNU),
郭婷婷(RA, NCTS), 楊盛皓(RA, NCTS)


Seminars and Talks
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Conference and Workshop
2024 NCTS Postdoc Symposium Aim & Scope The NCTS is a leading mathematical research center aiming to promote cutting-...
Conference and Workshop
AS-NCTS One Day Topology Workshop Conference Website:https://www.math.sinica.edu.tw/f59addca-1da6-47fd-9bb8-18d087da6088/posts/1481...
Lectures and Courses
Taiwan Mathematics School: From Differential Geometry to tt* Geometry-(1) 1. Introduction and Contents  (I) MOTIVATION - the idea of homology and cohomology ...
Albert Chern
University of California, San Diego
July 5 - 27, 2024
C. Michael Tsau
Saint Louis University
June 13 - July 29, 2024
Kai-Hsiang Wang
Northwestern University
July 15 - August 13, 2024
Mu-Tao Wang
Columbia University
June 10 - August 16, 2024
Kai-Wei Zhao
University of Notre Dame
July 14 - August 11, 2024


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