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Scientific Computing

Program Committee:

Wei-Fan Hu (NCHU), Tsung-Ming Huang (NTNU, committee chair), Matthew M. Lin (NCKU),
Ming-Cheng Shiue (NCTU), Suh-Yuh Yang (NCU)


Description of program:

The NCTS Topical Program Scientific computing is an interdisciplinary field that involves mathematical theories, computational algorithms, and domain knowledge. This field aims to develop new tools to expand current science, engineering, and applications. Its research directions are based not only on our members’ strengths but also on new trends in scientific computations. These directions include matrix computations in the study of Maxwell’s equations and discrete Laplacians, numerical PDEs and computational fluid dynamics, mathematical problems in image processing, low-rank approximations,phase retrieval, and artificial intelligence in geometric information and image science.


Affiliated members:

Meng-Ho Chen (CCU), Pengwen Chen (NCHU), Ray-Bing Chen (NCKU), Chien-Hong Cho (CCU), Chia-Chieh Jay Chu (NTHU),


Feng-Jui Hsieh (NTNU), Po-Wen Hsieh (NCHU), Wei-Fan Hu (NCHU), Chieh-Sen Huang (NSYSU), Tsung-Ming Huang (NTNU),


Feng-Nan Hwang (NCU), Yueh-Cheng Kuo (NUK), Ming-Chih Lai (NCTU), Tsung-Lin Lee (NSYSU), Jephian Chin-Hung Lin (NSYSU),


Matthew M. Lin (NCKU), Te-Sheng Lin (NCTU), Wen-Wei Lin (NCTU), Ching-Sung Liu (NUK), Ruey-Ling Sheu (NCKU),


Ming-Cheng Shiue (NCTU), Yu-Chen Shu (NCKU), Yu-Hau Tseng (NUK), Weichung Wang (NTU), Chin-Tien Wu (NCTU),


Suh-Yuh Yang (NCU), Mei-Heng Yueh (NTNU)


Conference and Workshop
2022 NCTS South-Taiwan Workshop on Scientific Computations, Differential Equations and Application (Postponed:TBA) Special Announcement (01/24/2022 14:50PM updated): To avoid the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)...
Lectures and Courses
Taiwan Mathematics School: Machine Learning for PDEs 1. Background Nowadays, deep learning has achieved great success in various scientific discip...
Lectures and Courses
NCTS Winter Course: Parallel Finite Element Method using Supercomputer Overview This 5-day intensive “online” class provides introduction to large...


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