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NCTS Number Theory Seminar
10:00 - 11:30, July 8, 2022 (Friday)
Cisco Webex, Online seminar
(線上演講 Cisco Webex)
Euler Systems and CM Congruences
Yu-Sheng Lee (Columbia University)


Congruence between modular forms has been a general method to construct Galois cohomology classes of p-adic Galois represnetaion after Ribet's fundamental work on the converse of Herbrand. On the other hand, combining results from p-adic Langlands and modular congruences, Urban has developed a new method to produce Euler systems to bound the sizes of Galois cohomology groups. In this talk, I will sketch an adaptation of this new approach to the construction of anticyclotomic Euler systems using CM congruences.

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