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Taipei Postdoc Seminar
14:00 - 15:00 , September 28, 2022 (Wednesday)
Room 515, Cosmology Building, NTU
(臺灣大學次震宇宙館 515研討室)
Gromov-Witten Invariants of Non-convex Orbifolds
Nawaz Sultani (Academia Sinica)


For convex complete intersections, the Gromov-Witten (GW) invariants are often computed using the Quantum Lefshetz Hyperplane theorem, which relates the invariants to those of the ambient space. However, even in the genus 0 theory, the convexity condition often fails when the target is an orbifold, and so Quantum Lefshetz is no longer guaranteed. In this talk, I will discuss this failure and showcase a method to compute these invariants, despite the failure of Quantum Lefshetz, for orbifold complete intersections in stack quotients of the form [V // G]. This talk will be based on joint work with Felix Janda (Notre Dame) and Yang Zhou (Fudan), and with Rachel Webb (Berkeley).


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