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The 11th Japan-Taiwan Joint Workshop for Young Scholars in Applied Mathematics

March 8 - 9, 2021

Online, Online Conference


Chueh-Hsin Chang (Tunghai University)

Chiun-Chuan Chen (National Taiwan University)

Yan-Yu Chen (National Taiwan University)

Jann-Long Chern (National Taiwan Normal University)

Yung-Fu Fang (National Cheng-Kong University)

Elliott Ginder (Meiji University)

Kota Ikeda (Meiji University)

Masayo Inoue (Meiji University)

Mayuko Iwamoto (Doshisha University)

Tatsuki Kawakami (Ryukoku University)

Yoshihisa Morita (Ryukoku University)

Hideki Murakawa (Ryukoku University)

Hirokazu Ninomiya (Meiji University)

Yasuhisa Saito (Shimane University)

Yoshitaro Tanaka (Future University Hakodate)

Yuichi Togashi (Hiroshima Univerisity)

Akiyasu Tomoeda (Musashino University)

Chang-Hong Wu (National Chiao-Tung University)

Yoshikazu Yamagishi (Ryukoku University)

Shoji Yotsutani (Ryukoku University)

Aim & Scope:

The Japan-Taiwan Joint Workshop for Young Scholars in Applied Mathematics has been held ten times by the colleagues from Japan and Taiwan. This series of conferences provide young scholars from Japan and Taiwan with opportunities to present their work and academic exchanges, and may result in new international cooperation in the future. During the past years, the number of participating young speakers, including undergraduate, master/PhD students, and postdoctoral researchers, has grown from about 20 to 40-55. The last conference was held at Ryukoku University in Japan in 2019. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the conference in 2020 was cancelled. In 2021, the conference will be held online, which is co-organized by Japan and Taiwan. The topics are comprehensive, including Differential Equations, Geometrical Analysis, Scientific Computing, Interdisciplinary Studies, Data Science, etc. This online meeting may provide an excellent platform for young scholars to enhance their research and friendship.

Invited Speakers:

From Japan:

Kaito Fujihara  (Shimane University)

Yusuke Fujita (Hiroshima University)

Ryu Fujiwara (Meiji University)

Tsuyoshi Ishizone (Meiji University)

Shun Ito (Meiji University)

Yuto Kikuchi (Shimane University)

Naoki Kondo (Meiji University)

Ryota Kubohara (Shimane University)

Masakazu Kuze (Hiroshima University)

Kazuya Okamoto (Musashino University)

Ryosuke Sakai (Meiji University)

Yuto Sakai (Ryukoku University)

Kazuki Shigyo (Hiroshima University)

Koutaro Tanaka (Shimane University)

Kazuhito Toyota (Future University Hakodate)

From Taiwan:

Hao-Yuan Chang (NCKU)

Huan-Chi Chang (CCU)

Yen-Jia Chen (NCTS)

Chun-Sheng Chen (NCU)

Jian-Yu Chen (NCU)

Ya-Chi Chu (NCKU)

Yu-Chieh Ho (NCTU)

Yueh-Tzu Hung (NCTU)

Chou Kao (NCKU)

Pu Zhao Kow (NTU)

Yue-Hong Li (NCKU)

Kai-Yang Liu (NCTU)

Jin-Zhi Phoong (NTU)

Zhi-Hao Shi (NTU)

Ya-Chi Wang (NCTU)

Tzu-Hsien Young (NCTU)

Program Download (please click here)

時間:2021年3月8日08:30 上午台北

Zoom Meeting


會議ID:842 7240 9346



時間:2021年3月9日08:30 上午台北

Zoom Meeting


會議ID:821 7479 2068


Contact: Peggy Lee (peggylee@ncts.tw)

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