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Opportunities and Challenges in Numerical Algebra (12)

June 25, 2022

Online, Online Conference
Tsung-Ming Huang (National Taiwan Normal University)
Ren-Cang Li (The University of Texas at Arlington)
Tiexiang Li (Southeast University)
Linzhang Lu (Xiamen University)
Xiang Wang (Nanchang University)

Aim & Scope:

Numerical algebra has played a pivotal role as the pillar of scientific computing for decades. Theories and numerical techniques to its core problems, including linear systems, least-squares problems, and eigenvalue problems, are taken very much for granted and used widely in science and engineering. Today, numerical algebra sits at the crossroad of reinventing itself to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape because of the emergence of data science and artificial intelligence. Since January 2021, we have successfully held eight series of online workshops of opportunities and challenges in numerical algebra to make the original core mission remain, further development and innovation. Thus, they help promote multidisciplinary cross and combination between numerical algebra and other fields, such as optimization and data science, to give new theories, methods, and algorithms for solving scientific computing problems. From this April, the online workshops will continue from the 9th to 12th series, which will bring you a feast of advanced technical talks on the latest developments in numerical algebra and its recent machine learning applications.


Invited Speakers:

Bo Dong (Dalian University of Technology)

Ching-Sung Liu (National University of Kaohsiung)

WeiWei Xu (Nanjing University of Information Technology)


Online Conference Inform:

Tencent Meeting ID: 807-546-664

Tencent Meeting password: 0625


Agenda Download: Please click here.

Contact: Peggy Lee (peggylee@ncts.tw)

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