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2023 NCTS Spring Day

Poster : events_1_372230206241762197.pdf

March 13, 2023

R509 R515, National Center for Theoretical Sciences
Yng-Ing Lee (National Taiwan University& NCTS)

Aim & Scope:

NCTS is a leading mathematical research center aiming to promote cutting-edge mathematical research and to cultivate young talents. The NCTS postdoc program has attracted many young mathematicians to start their academic career here at NCTS. Other than the Taipei postdoc seminar which provides a platform for postdoc fellows to have long-presentations, we also organize Spring Day each year for postdoc fellows to give short presentations on their research results and interests. We hope that this event will lead to further interactions between NCTS postdoc fellows. Another effort we make to encourage young researchers is the NCTS Young Theoretical Scientist Award. This Award will be given to promising young faculties who are aiming for frontier challenges. We will have the Award Ceremony in 2023 NCTS Spring Day as well.


Invited Speaker:

Iacopo Brivio

Yen-An Chen

Shih-Hsin Chen

Chien-Hua Chen

Sheng-Fu Chiu

Huy Quoc Dang

Simon-Raphaël Fischer

Brian Harvie

Seonghyeon Jeong

Yoshinori Kamijima

Bin Nguyen

Jun-Wen Peng

Prasun Roychowdhury

Marco Sutti

Yasuhiro Terakado

Ryo Yamagishi

& NCTS Young Theoretical Scientist Awardee(s)


Registration: Please click here for the registtation by Feb. 23rd. 

AgendaTitle and Abstract Download: Please click the inserted link to download the file. 

Contact: Peggy Lee (peggylee@ncts.tw)

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