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NCTS Number Theory Seminar
Time: September 1, 2021 - January 31, 2023
Room: ,
Organizers: Yi-Fan Yang (National Taiwan University)
Talk List
10:00-11:00, August 5, 2022
An Integrality of Critical Values of Rankin-Selberg L-functions for GL(n+1)×GL(n)
Kenichi Namikawa (Tokyo Denki University)
10:00-11:30, July 8, 2022
Euler Systems and CM Congruences
Yu-Sheng Lee (Columbia University)
10:00-11:30, July 1, 2022
On the Intersection of Local Arthur Packets for Classical Groups
Chi-Heng Lo (Purdue University)
10:30-11:30, May 13, 2022
Sum Product Estimates and Their Applications 【*POSTPONE*】
Chun-Yen Shen (National Taiwan University)
10:30-11:45, April 22, 2022
Square-free orders for elliptic curves modulo p
Peng-Jie Wong (NCTS)
10:30-11:30, February 25, 2022
Function Field Analogue of Shimura’s Conjecture on Period Symbols
Fu-Tsun Wei (National Tsing Hua University)
10:30-11:30, January 21, 2022
On Deligne’s Conjecture for Symmetric Fifth L-functions of Modular Forms
Shih-Yu Chen (Academia Sinica)
10:30-11:30, January 7, 2022
The Gauss Problem for Central Leaves
Chia-Fu Yu (Academia Sinica)
12:00-13:00, December 3, 2021
Modular Knots, Automorphic Forms, and the Rademacher Symbols for Triangle Groups
Toshiki Matsusaka (Nagoya University)
10:30-11:30, October 22, 2021
Vector-valued Modular Forms and Modular Differential Equations
Yi-Fan Yang (National Taiwan University)
10:30-11:30, October 8, 2021
On Drinfeld Modular Forms of Higher Rank and Quasi-periodic Functions
Oguz Gezmis (NCTS)
10:30-11:30, September 24, 2021
Modular Construction of Galois Cohomology Classes and L-values
Ming-Lun Hsieh (National Taiwan University)
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